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Joe Exotic’s ‘I Saw a Tiger’ Is Apparently a Hit

Tiger King

The whole Tiger King phenomenon has captured the Netflix viewing public’s attention (if you don’t believe us, go on Netflix or any social media platform for that matter). It also was noticed in our recent interviews with Ben Gibbard and New Found Glory. It’s (almost) inescapable — and that includes its music.

We will spare you the sordid details of what’s been going with it (seriously, just watch the Netflix series), but zookeeper Joe Exotic’s “music” has caught fire. (*he did not sing or write any of these songs — they were just performed under his name. They were written and performed by Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton*)

In data revealed by Spotify, since the song was added on March 30, the zookeeper-turned-federal-prisoner’s song “I Saw a Tiger” has now amassed over 500,000 listens (545,854 to be exact). If that’s you, well, c’mon, you’re better than that (unless it’s for humor purposes then you’re off the hook).

Denmark apparently has Joe Exotic fever, with it being the top country in terms of per capita numbers of listeners. Naturally, the U.S. leads all listeners but that’s due to the sheer number of listeners. More specifically, the states who listen to the tune the most reside in North Dakota. The least? Nevada (poor Jeff Lowe).

The song’s average daily share of its streams has even gone up by 18% since it was added to the platform as well. And millennials are the ones listening. Spotify revealed that folks ages 25-29 consuming his music at the highest rate, followed by ages 30-34.

Check out the full stats from Spotify below:

Top 10 countries ranked by the rate at which they listen to Joe Exotic’s music:

1. Denmark
2. UK
3. Ireland
4. Iceland
5. Norway
6. New Zealand
7. Australia
8. Sweden
9. USA
10. Canada

Top 10 states ranked by the rate at which they listen to Joe Exotic’s music:

1. North Dakota
2. Mississippi
3. Montana
4. Kentucky
5. West Virginia
6. Iowa
7. Tennessee
8. Missouri
9. Ohio
10. Oklahoma

The bottom 10 states:

40. Florida (Carole Baskin ain’t one of them)
41. Colorado
42. New Jersey
43. New York
44. Washington
45. New Mexico
46. Arizona
47. Alaska
48. California
49. Hawaii
50. Nevada

Listen below if you feel so inclined: