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Iceage Address COVID-19 Worries in ‘Lockdown Blues’


Iceage are the latest band to release a new song about the coronavirus pandemic.

The song, titled “Lockdown Blues,” summarizes everything people are feeling at the moment after all of the lockdowns and social distancing began to take form all over the world. The urgent message is expressed over driving guitars.

“Empty shelves in barren streets/Confined domestic quarantine/How the itching for lost touch is deafening,” Elias Rønnenfelt sings.

“We’ve felt the urge to touch base now that the physical touch has been suspended and contribute an effort to raise spirit In the face of adversity. Our thoughts are with all those in jeopardy to the many various horrors in relation to the crisis, those situated on the front lines and those who are direly compromised,” the band said in a statement.

All proceeds from the song will go to Doctors Without Borders.

You can grab the song via Bandcamp. Watch their lyric video below: