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Hayley Williams Takes Us on a Road Trip in ‘Why We Ever’ Video

Hayley Williams

For some of us, hopping in a car and just going for a drive isn’t possible at the moment. So Hayley Williams shows us what it’s like to get back on the road again in her new video for “Why We Ever.”

Showing us different roads, some nature and even a car wash, it makes you feel like you’re riding with her. Unlike other songs, like “Over Yet,” this one is definitely a somber one.

She ends the song with the lines, “I know I freaked you out / I just wanna talk about it / Sorry for freaking out / I just wanna talk about it.” And you feel her need to make amends with the subject of this song — whether it be a breakup with a love or a friend.

“I was at the lowest point I’d been in some time. My sadness shows,” Williams said in a statement. “Now I look back and credit this night as being the beginning of a new season of my life, where I hold myself accountable for learning to love better. I’ve let myself down a lot in love. This was the start of recognizing bad patterns and acknowledging that I’m ready to grow out of them.”

This track is off the second part of her solo debut, PETALS FOR ARMOR, which is due out on May 8. Aside from “Over Yet,” she’s previously released “My Friend,” “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris.” Williams also recently covered Tegan and Sara’s “Call It Off.”

Watch Hayley Williams’ “Why We Ever” video below: