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Gerard Way Shares Two More Unreleased Demos

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 05: Gerard Way performs on stage at The Ritz, Manchester on November 5, 2014 in Manchester, United Kingdom. (Photo by Andrew Benge/Redferns via Getty Images)

My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way has shared more previously unreleased demos.

The duo of demos, titled “PS Earth” and “Crate Amp_01” respectively, join the four tracks that Way shared last month.

In an Instagram post, Way explained more about the tunes.

“PS Earth
This one was recorded at the tail end of the Hesitant Alien demo sessions, just Doug and I. I liked it well enough at the time, felt kind of 90’s, didn’t end up putting any vocals on it though. I like the bridge a lot. Looking back at the whole thing, I like it, but not sure if I’m going to finish it. Guitar, bass by me. Programmed drums by Doug,” he said.

Regarding “Crate Amp_01,” Way went a bit longer, but said, “It sounds metal af.” Fair enough.

Way has had a lot of free time since My Chemical Romance postponed their tours of Australia, New Zealand and Japan due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Check out the songs below.