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Frank Iero and The Future Violents Have a Bloody Run-In With GWAR in ‘Medicine Square Garden’ Video

Frank Iero

Frank Iero and the Future Violents are back with the video for their track, “Medicine Square Garden.” And it’s one that will definitely sit with you for a while because you know.

What starts out as an ’80s school aerobics video quickly takes a bloody turn. As you watch the video, you start to see quick clips of some monstrous figures. Then when the song’s tempo changes and the lights get dim, GWAR appear. And they’re ready to slice, dice and devour every last member of the Iero and his band.

Things don’t end well for them, but at least GWAR let his decapitated head finish the song.

“It was apparent to me early on while writing Barriers that ‘Medicine Square Garden’ was its most important track,” Iero says. “It was the cornerstone upon which the rest of the record and band was formed.”

He added, “If we lost the battle on that song, the rest didn’t stand a chance. ‘Medicine Square Garden’ pushed the most boundaries, scratched the most itches, and terrified me far beyond any other song I had written. So when we crossed off every box in Chicago at Electrical Audio and listened back with smiles knowing we had accomplished our goals, a new objective soon emerged: Get the label to see our favorite song as a single, and let us make the video of my dreams.”

Barriers is out now, but the band will be releasing a special limited blood-red vinyl of the album.

You can find out more here.