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Fall Out Boy Just Dropped a New Animated Series Mondo Trasho 3042

Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy

While artists are putting together livestreams, penning their thoughts about the pandemic or even dropping new tracks, Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy has created an animated series.

Mondo Trasho 3042 follows a band’s adventures, obstacles and wild rides in the year 3042. The band includes a sea creature on bass and a robot on drums.

Trohman worked on the 10-episode cartoon series with his friends Wade Randolph and Spencer Berman. Patrick Stump worked on the score with Trohman while Pete Wentz was a producer on the project.

“Joe got together with some friends to work on a cartoon,” the first episode entitled, “Not A Yoko,” said. “They considered pitching it around to different places, but decided to release it during these crazy times for your enjoyment.”

Watch Mondo Trasho 3042‘s series premiere below:

You can watch the rest of the Mondo Trasho 3042 series on Fall Out Boy’s YouTube channel.