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Adam Schlesinger’s Girlfriend Details Songwriter’s Final Moments

Alexis Morley describes songwriter's final days in an Instagram post

It’s been nearly a month since Fountains of Wayne songwriter Adam Schlesinger died from COVID-19. Schlesinger has been the subject of many moving tributes — and rightfully so. But none are more powerful than what Alexis Morley, his girlfriend, posted on Instagram.

In the post, Morley detailed Schlesinger’s final moments as he battled COVID-19 and the photo was the last one the couple took together, which was taken by their friend while on a walk.

“This is the last photo taken of Adam and me, March 15. We went on a gorgeous, 4 mile walk that day with our friend @davidwatts1978, after driving upstate from the city the day before,” she wrote.

Morley went on to describe how suddenly things changed.

“We spent such a sweet week together, our roles kind of reversed because usually Adam was the one to take care of me. I tried to keep him comfortable, nurse him back to health, as we waited for the fever to break. We were sure it would, just like any other crappy flu. He said, ‘I’m ok. I have my Alexis.’ But 7 days later things got worse and I drove him to the hospital. I wasn’t allowed to walk in with him. I drove home alone through a snowstorm terrified (the first time I’d driven a car in years), but we spent the night texting, making cute jokes, feeling optimistic. He kept telling me how much he loved me and thanked me for saving his life 😪,” she continued. “The next morning he was intubated and I never got to hear his voice again.”

Last week, Fountains of Wayne reunited and performed with Sharon Van Etten in Schlesinger’s memory in a benefit show for Jersey 4 Jersey. It was the band’s first show in seven years.

Read Morley’s entire post below: