Weezer Can Help Make Your Zoom Meetings Better


With more and more people using Zoom for much of their video chatting needs, Weezer want to make things more fun by giving their fans some new images to use as their virtual backgrounds.

The band has shared eight different backdrops that fans can pick from and download for free on weezer.com.

Now if you haven’t heard the of the magic that is a virtual background, the video conferencing app gives users the ability to hop from the beach to the middle of your favorite concert. If you have an image or video of it, you can make it happen. You can learn more about changing your Zoom background here.

Now if you’re tired of playing Animal Crossing or are just looking for a new video game to play, Weezer has got you there, too. Welcome “The End of the Game.” The 8-bit game allows you to select your favorite band member and maneuver him through a course in order to beat the alien boss at the end. And all this happens to select songs from the band’s catalog.

Try out the game here. Good luck!


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