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The Knack Respond to ‘My Sharona’ Parody Requests

The Knack

For the past few weeks, many folks have been clamoring for a parody of The Knack’s 1979 “My Sharona” to be updated to incorporate the coronavirus. It’s been such a bad look that even noted parody king “Weird Al” Yankovic declined to tackle the song.

But the band has spoken.

In a video posted to YouTube, Knack guitarist Berton Averre finally spoke out.

“Some people have asked whether we were going to get around to doing our own ‘Sharona’ corona parody song because apparently, there aren’t enough of them,” he said, noting that the band’s singer, Doug Fieger, died in 2010.

Instead of doing a handwashing video, Averre taught viewers how the play the song’s solo. There’s a surprise at the end of the clip, but you can tune in below to see what that is.