Stephen Malkmus Ranks the Songs of Led Zeppelin IV

Stephen Malkmus 2020

Lots of folks are staying busy during the coronavirus scare. Stephen Malkmus took his the time off to a different (and much more fun) level.

The singer, who released his latest album on March 6, decided to rank the order of the classic Led Zeppelin IV. Let’s just say that his choices are slightly unconventional.

We’ll let you be the judge:

Folks are going to surprised about “Stairway,” but, you know what? Let the guy have his opinion! All of the songs on this album are all-timers, so there really isn’t a wrong order.

Malkmus is one of the many artists who have postponed their tour dates in recent weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak. It’s going to affect the touring and concert business for a long time.

If you in the mood to judge Malkmus’ rankings yourself, have a listen to Led Zeppelin IV below:



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