Pokey LaFarge Gives His ‘Stir Crazy’ Playlist of Feel Good Music

(Photo by Larry Niehues)

With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here’s Pokey LaFarge:

Stuck indoors…something much more than a snow day or a stay-cation…Dig up that old hobby or start a new one–the one you didn’t have time to spend on. You have time now… I think, I hope…you’ll do it. And if the kids are home from school –may you spend the quality time and grow together like never before. Listen and dance to music…read aloud to each other…learn to play an instrument…Exercise…Call your friends or family and let them know how thankful you are for them putting up with you for all these years.

Put the kids to bed, turn off the phone, open some wine, and turn up the stereo. Make looooooove. No time like the present to connect on a deeper level with the ones you love around you. We may be out of work and tomorrow is uncertain…this situation may be unprecedented but we’re not helpless. We can all still do something to feel alive. And after this is all over some of us will be better for having endured it.

All those in the gig economy: musicians, music business personnel, artists, restaurant workers, bartenders, all the self-employed and small business folks; all those out of work who are wondering where the money is gonna come for the rent or whoever may be unable to afford their medication–what can I say? I don’t have any answers for the uncertain times that lay ahead, but heck, why not turn off the Netflix, get up off the sofa, put on some music, roll back the carpets and dance. You’re still very much alive…

Let’s Do Our Thing Together” – Chuck Berry

I wonder how many people know about the real king of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s work in the 70’s; how he evolved and maintained his relevance

“Jivin’ Around (Hit Version)” – Andre Williams

A guy who really has never got his due—whatever that means. He has so much material out there and still a lot of it is unfortunately hard to find.

“Yeah, Yeah” – Bobby Christian

I’m a sucker for funky instrumentals with hype man vocals piping in at random.

“Hey Boy” – The Sterlings

Songs like this is why you dig for music.

“Estou Dez Anos Atrasado” – World & Erasmo Carlos

Thank God for music compilations. Never know who you’ll discover next. The world of Brazilian music is endless.

“Wet Vision” – U-Roy

One of the kings of the sound system scene from Jamaica. Sometimes his hype man style gets annoying but when it’s right it’s right.

“Sonido Amazónico” – Chicha Libre

Cumbia and Chicha are irresistible music forms and I’m happy to see that they’re making their way into the music scene at large.

“Take It Easy My Brother Charles” – Som Tres

Gotta love Mr. Bongo; his remixes, his compilations, and collections.

“La Murga” – Willie Colón

The Puerto Rican prince of the 70’s NYC salsa scene. He has a slew of funky Latino jams to dig into.

“Sha Sha Sha” – Fontaines D.C.

Oh man, what would the last year be without this wonderful fresh air of Irish poetic punk.

“Elastic” – Joey Purp

My favorite song from one of Chicago’s finest up and coming rappers.

“Use My Body” – Mavis John

Hooray for Mr. Bongo, for his remixes, compilations, and collections.

“Baby” – Donnie & Joe Emerson

I’m not usually the one who is waiting in the front of the line for patent leather bodysuits and big hair but this brother duo has some serious jams.

“Little Green Bag” – The George Baker Selection

You may remember this from ‘Reservoir Dogs’. I still love this song after so many plays. It’s EPIC. If only the rest of George Baker Selection’s material was worth a damn.

“Everything Goes” – The Cramps

At this point in the playlist hopefully, you and your partner(s) have danced yourself sweaty and now…you’re ready for…The Cramps!

“Whoopi” – Rapsody

So thankful for Shazam for this discovery! She’s such a good writer!

“Bam Bam” – Sister Nancy

I know this song may be overplayed to some of you but it’s really a must-play in my essential playlist for before the apocalypse.

“Velvet Kitty Cat” – Prince

This wasn’t my choice but rather a selection made by a lady friend. Ladies love Prince!

“The Death Dance of the Busty Hot Lifeguard Instructor Babe” – Charlie Megira

The beauty, the darkness, the sexiness, the mystery…Thanks to the Numero Group for the discovery.

“If I Die Tomorrow” – Swamp Dogg

Quite a fitting tune to end with from one of the quirkiest soul men there ever was.


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