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Here’s Where You Can Still Get Physical Music

Amoeba San Francisco
People walk past the facade of Amoeba Music, the world's largest independent record store, on Telegraph Avenue in downtown Berkeley, California, May 31, 2018. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

The coronavirus pandemic has hurt many music retailers. But you can help.

If you’re worried about Amazon not being able to deliver physical music products to you, have no fear. There are plenty of options out there where you can still get vinyl and CDs delivered to you.

Many of the great individual record stores are still open, and now would be a marvelous time to support them. A bunch of them are offering pretty spectacular deals — and even pick-up service if you call in advance.

Here are some of the best retailers where you can still snag disease-free physical product from:

Amazon: Yes, Amazon may have shut down its own service, but you can still order from businesses that have Amazon storefronts. The company’s warehouse doesn’t impact how you can buy music from individual retailers, so they likely won’t be affected.

Discogs: One of the best providers of new and rare records remains a fantastic one-stop-shop to get music. Even better, a bunch of record retailers have shops on there as well.

eBay: The prices can vary, but you can also pick up all sorts of physical music here. Just like Discogs, you can snare releases directly from a record shop’s eBay storefront as well.

Artist websites: As you may have figured out, this is the most direct way to support the artists you care about. As of press time, you can still grab physical products from a lot of their stores.

Amoeba Records: The venerable Los Angeles retailer is offering curbside pickup for those who order music ahead of time.

Zia Records: The Arizona-based store just built a new website and (even better) it’s offering free shipping over $30.

Bandcamp: Bandcamp is giving artists 100% of the proceeds on Friday, March 20. For those who don’t have websites to buy directly from, what better way to support artists?

Bull Moose: The Maine-based outlet is now open online.

Obviously, there are plenty of other one-off record shops still selling music online, and these are just a few examples of stores/sites that are still offering options during the coronavirus pandemic. Head over to the Record Store Day website to find out how you can support your own local spot.

Of course, the best way to find out what’s going on for in-store purchases and possible shipping information is to call the retailer.