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Dave Grohl Taps Author Side With ‘Dave’s True Stories’

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

It’s been a couple of weeks (more for others) since Americans have been in quarantine. And let’s face it, everyone’s feeling that cabin fever including Dave Grohl. But the Foo Fighters leader, whose anniversary tour was recently postponed, is channeling that boredom into a new project.

Welcome “Dave’s True Stories,” where he will share snapshots of his life. Maybe one will be a ghost story.

“Hi, my name is Dave,” he posted on Instagram last night (March 24). “Sometimes I play drums. Sometimes I play guitar. Sometimes I tell stories. I’m currently looking for work, so I’d thought I’d pass the time by writing short stories that will make people smile.”

He also added that he’s “also a total fucking spaz who can’t sit around doing nothing.”

Grohl also gave shoutouts to his mom, who’s a “brilliant English teacher” and dad, who was a “wicked speechwriter.”

Since debuting the Instagram account, it has already amassed 157,000 followers (and counting). There’s no word yet on when the first story will drop, but everyone is sure looking forward to it.

See Grohl’s announcement below: