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Dave Grohl Recounts Fourth of July Fireworks Explosion

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters

After Dave Grohl announced his new Instagram project, Dave’s True Stories, the Foo Fighters singer shared his first story in the early hours of Thursday morning (March 26).

The untitled story recounted Grohl’s move back to his home state of Virginia in the late ’90s. He talked about how he was a “fireworks junkie” and couldn’t pass up the chance of having the chance to set them off during a Fourth of July barbeque in his parents’ neighborhood.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as he expected.

He wrote in all capital letters, “Lawnchairs flying. Grandmas running. Children screaming. Dads in shorts scattering. Ears ringing from the deafening sound of a thousand explosions all around us. Panic. Chaos. Mayhem. Anarchy. Terror. All I remember seeing in the thick cloud of smoke and strobe was the sigh of my sweet mother running for her life to hide behind a tree. I had never seen my mother run for her life to hide behind a tree before. It was fucked up.”

Despite coloring the tale with an elaborate summer holiday story in Virginia, he did focus the story on how his first 606 studio in Alexandria, Va., was built — giving some context on where this laid in the Foo Fighters’ timeline. This would be the studio where he would record 1999’s There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

Read the Grohl’s full 10-slide story below: