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Chris Martin Performs Coldplay Songs, Covers David Bowie to Raise Money for Coronavirus Charity

Coldplay 'A Sky Full of Stars' Stream 'Always in My Head'

Everyone is responding to the coronavirus in different ways, but Together, At Home is trying to raise $675 million for coronavirus relief. How they’re doing this is through a variety of way — including intimate concerts.

One of those was Coldplay singer Chris Martin, who was hanging out at home and answering questions from fans in between performing some songs.

“I feel like I’m on Celebrity Big Brother,” he said, realizing that nearly 50,000 people were watching. “I was never asked to go on one of those things.”

What, a Curb Your Enthusiasm appearance doesn’t count? C’mon Chris

Anyway, in his set, Martin took some requests, chatted with fans and performed Coldplay’s “Trouble,” “Viva La Vida,” “Yellow,” and David Bowie’s “Life On Mars.”

Together, At Home is a partnership between the World Health Organization and Global Citizen. They’re trying to raise that aforementioned figure by the end of April.

Check it Martin’s set and shenanigans below:

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