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Buzzy Lee’s ‘E.T – Stay Home’ Playlist

With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here’s Buzzy Lee:

Apparently everyone is making banana bread. I will most likely make banana bread. You will most likely make banana bread. You will also upload a hot photo of you pre-corona with the caption “missing this!” I may do the same. You may find new grey hairs. I have found four. You may try a sinus cleanse for the first time. I’m seasoned in that department but I’m interested in graduating to a clay pot. You may ask for book recommendations and find yourself two weeks later with a stack of untouched books and so many finished puzzles you may as well throw out your rug. You may look up and see colors in a way you’ve never quite seen them before.

Right after experiencing this newfound appreciation of detail, you might have thought to yourself, “Cool I have depth.” I did an online dance class yesterday and cried hysterically when the teacher played Robyn and Annie Lennox, a given. I feel like a Sim waving violently at the player. Whatever your journey is through this time, please enjoy this playlist. Crying helps. Just Lysol your face after.

Shuggie Otis – “If You’d Be Mine”
Just an epic jam that takes you on a ride. Since we can’t go on rides. Since we can’t leave the house.

Peggy Lee – “Is That All There Is?”
Really existentially puts one’s life in perspective. Because nothing really matters in the end, right?!

Paul McCartney & Wings – “Arrow Through Me.”
This to me is just the sexiest song ever made. Feel yourself. Because you really can’t feel a lot of folks right now!

Blue Gas – “Shadows From Nowhere”
Aren’t we all seeing shadows from nowhere right now? I’m considering making friends with them.

Hans Zimmer – “Stay”
Interstellar is one of my favorite scores. Also a pertinent message in this time. Please s.t.a.y home.

Dave Mason – “We just disagree”
This one of is for all those cohabitating during this time in isolation. Are you fighting over one of you not wearing gloves to get the mail? Are you fighting over how much time you’re spending on your phone? Is your place a mess and you really don’t believe it’s your fault but it is because yes it’s already Saturday and not Tuesday when you baked banana bread? How do you fight when you are stripped of the external world? Can you chalk it up to just disagreeing?

Suse Millemann – “Patterns”
I see patterns so deep.

George Strait – “Run”
This is obviously for when we break out of quarantine.

Tim Maia – “Where is My Other Half”
This one’s for looking out your window, but then again what else is there to look out of these days. Where is our other half? Could be a friend. Could be a partner. Could be your other measuring cup. We’ll find it soon.

My Mine – “Hypnotic Tango”
Let’s end this with a banger. Dance! Seriously, dance. It’s helped me so much.