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Ben Gibbard to Stream Daily Live Performances From His Home Studio

death cab for cutie

Almost everyone is self-quarantining these days due to the coronavirus outbreak, including musicians. As shown with Chris Martin‘s performance yesterday, some of these folks can turn the situation into a positive one where they connect with their fans and give them a fun, unusual performance.

Add Ben Gibbard to that list.

In an Instagram post, the Death Cab for Cutie singer said he’s going to be performing daily from his home studio and will be streaming the performances for “the new few weeks.”

“For the next few weeks I will be playing songs everyday from my home studio. We will be streaming on YouTube / Facebook at 4pm PST daily – link in bio. We’re still working out the details but I’m hoping to take some requests and maybe even have a guest or two stop by digitally. The first show will be tomorrow. It will assuredly be a little wonky and glitchy but we’re gonna do our best,” Gibbard wrote.

Gibbard’s much-needed good news for fans comes at a time when tours and festivals are being postponed and canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Thankfully, Gibbard not taking this route and is entertaining his fans at a time when most need to take it easy.

Check out his full post below: