Stephen Malkmus’ Face Turns Into an Instagram Filter in ‘Shadowbanned’ Video

Stephen Malkmus 2020

Instagram filters aren’t anything new. But when you replace your face with Stephen Malkmus‘, then it the social media trend just got taken up a level.

His latest video for “Shadowbanned” plays with one of the social media platform’s favorite activities and transforms his face into a filter.

And what makes this video even more interesting is the fact that stars like Kim Gordon, Kurt Vile, Jason Schwartzman and more are singing along to “Shadowbanned” with the Malkmus’ filter on.

While Jan Lankisch and Janosch Pugnaghi created an actual filter for Instagram called, “Being Stephen Malkmus,” the video look wasn’t initially taken from that idea.

“The video was inspired by reading about female singers and musicians who were photoshopped from their album covers by an Iranian music streaming site,” Lankisch said in a statement.

Malkmus previously released “Xian Man” and a performance of “Brainwashed.” Traditional Techniques releases on March 6 via Matador.

Check out all of the people who tried out the filter and appeared in the “Shadowbanned” video below:
Mac DeMarco
Jason Schwartzman
Kim Gordon
Sharon Van Etten
Kurt Vile
Conor Oberst
Orono Noguchi
Eric Koston
Mary Lattimore
Joe Beddia
Matt Korvette
Jake Morris
Polly Roche
Keshav Purushotham
Sharmila Banerjee
Lucía Castellanos
Charlotte Gfeller
Qais Essar
Maple Judd
Lia Wang
Lara Vinciguerra
Pernille Krogvig
Frederike Wetzels


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