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Angels and Airwaves Are Working on a New Album

Tom DeLonge Angels and Airwaves

It’s official. Angels and Airwaves are making new music again.

Singer Tom DeLonge confirmed the news on his Instagram account.

“Things are going very well in the studio…. @angelsandairwaves,” he captioned a selfie of himself blowing a kiss to the camera.

For the last couple of weeks, DeLonge has been posting snapshots of different studio equipment, proving that the band has been working on new material.

“@angelsandairwaves is back,” DeLonge captioned a video with a sample of some of the potential sounds on the new record, “and yes, this album will revisit my punk roots slammed within the progressive, atmospheric landscapes Angels and Airwaves has always been known for.


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Back at it today with @angelsandairwaves

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Since it looks like the band is still in the early stages of the recording process, it’s unclear when this new material will release. But based on DeLonge’s recent activity, he’ll likely give fans a heads up once it’s ready.