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Elizabeth Warren Wisely Ignores Meghan McCain While Explaining Wealth Tax

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren stopped by the manicured thunderdome known as The View on Tuesday (January 6) to field questions about impeachment, President Donald Trump’s drone strike on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, and Warren’s policy platform. One of the policies Warren was eager to discuss was her wealth tax, which entails taxing wealthy people who make in excess of $50 million dollars.

“This is a tax on the top one tenth of one percent,” Warren said. “In other words, your first $50 million is free and clear.”

The View’s resident Republican Meghan McCain, whose mother Cindy McCain is likely worth in excess of $200 million thanks to inherited wealth, had some heated opinions about increased taxes. Fortunately, we never had to hear any of them as Warren completely ignored all of McCain’s attempts to derail the conversation while listing all the services (universal childcare, free college, etc.) her proposed wealth tax would fund. Although McCain kept trying to interject with segues like “Can we just switch gears here” and “but I think what,” Warren was undeterred.

As Jezebel writer Emily Alford put it: “One of my favorite things about Elizabeth Warren is that she is a former professor. And as any former professor, including myself, can tell you, learning to ignore interrupting, entitled students who attempt to derail the class discussion to mask the fact that they haven’t done the reading is a valuable classroom management tool.”

The highlight is when McCain says “we’ve got to switch really quick because I have a question” and turns to smile bemusedly to someone off camera after her attempt to redirect the conversation went unacknowledged. McCain was likely anxious that she was going to miss an opportunity to remind the audience who her dad was. If anyone is curious about what McCain might have to say about increased taxes on the wealthy funding viable public goods and services, feel free to revisit the meltdown she had in 2018 when the panelists tried to have an adult discussion on the merits of democratic socialism.