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El-P’s Early Solo Albums Finally Coming to Streaming Services

El-P‘s 2007 album I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead is finally streaming, thanks to a new reissue from Fat Possum Records. Originally released on El’s now-defunct label Definitive Jux, the record features contributions from Trent Reznor, Cat Power, Aesop Rock, the Mars Volta, and more.

“This record means a lot to me,” says EL-P. “Really, it’s a collection of short stories written from multiple perspectives… different characters living in the same confused, askew city of ‘Poisenville.’ no one is right in these stories and no one has the moral high ground but everyone is trying to keep themselves from suffocating under the weight of their own reality and faults.” SPIN’s initial review of I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead describes the album as “drip[ping] with elbow grease.”

It’s just the first in a series of upcoming El-P reissues, which will see the rapper/producer/jewel-runner‘s entire solo catalogue coming to streaming services in 2020. Physical versions of I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead are also set to arrive next year.

El’s last album with Killer Mike as Run the Jewels was 2016’s Run the Jewels 3. The duo also put out a single called “Let’s Go (The Royal We)” for Marvel’s 2018 film Venom.

Stream I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead below, and revisit SPIN’s review of the album here.