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Imagine Barack Obama Singing “Old Town Road”

Barack Obama’s annual reminder that he wants you to think he’s cool and hip to new music is here. The 44th president tweeted a list of his favorite songs from 2019. We are pleased to report that Obama listens to indie phenoms Big Thief (“Not”) and less pleased to report that he listens to Wale (“On Chill”).

Notable rock songs on Obama’s list include Bruce Springsteen’s “Hello Sunshine,” Sharon Van Etten’s “Seventeen” (one of our 2019 faves, too), and the National’s “Oblivions,” but it’s mostly comprised of pop-leaning hip-hop and R&B fare like Mustard and Migos’ “Pure Water,” Lizzo’s “Juice,” and J. Cole’s “Middle Child.” Points for Rosalía (“Con Altura”) and Koffee (“Toast”), I guess.

Mostly I just want you to picture Barack Obama in a cowboy hat delivering the lyrics “Ridin’ in my tractor, lean all in my bladder” from Lil Nas X’s megahit “Old Town Road” (which also made Obama’s summer playlist) in that charming staccato we all know and love from those eight years of telling us there’s no blue America or red America and that Afghanistan is going fine.

View the full list below.

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