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When It’s Over, That’s the Time You Hire Mark McGrath

If you’ve got an extra $100 burning a hole in your pocket, you can hire Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath to record a video for a loved one via Cameo. We’re not sure if it costs extra to have the relentlessly upbeat rock star break up with your significant other by proxy, but that’s what’s happening in this video circulating on Twitter.

In the video clip in question, McGrath is tasked with letting someone named Bradyn know that someone named Cheyenne isn’t emotionally invested in their relationship anymore and just wants to be friends. Ouch. Being the absurdly positive guy that he is, McGrath is determined to take some of the sting out of his second hand dumping by reminding Bradyn of his bright future. After all, Bradyn is working on a thesis. Who needs companionship and affection from another living person when you have homework!

According to his Cameo page, McGrath kicks each message off with the same spirited greeting: “Mark McGrath from the band Sugar Ray, off the charts but always in your hearts.” Given the energy and intensity of McGrath’s intro, you’d think that something like a birthday greeting or graduation well wishes would follow. Not for Bradyn!

“You’re a fan of the band Sugar Ray, which I am honored. I wish I was delivering you good news! Hopefully I can see you backstage, give you a high five someday, dude!” McGrath said with chipper game show host demeanor. “We can maybe laugh about this sometimes. Hopefully we all can! Cheyenne, Bradyn, all of us, we all could hang out! But, uh, she wants to be friends right now, bro.”

SPIN reached out to McGrath for comment on the video and we’ll update if we hear back. Although Cameo did confirm to Rolling Stone that McGrath did record the video on its platform, this quote tweet by McGrath claiming that he’s “also doing real ones for the holidays” makes us wonder if he was just doing a bit.

UPDATE 7:11 PM EST: When asked if McGrath was sincerely delivering a breakup message, a rep for Cameo sent the following statement:

Cameo talent receive sincere requests like these more than you would think. Last year Simon Rex, Bam Margera and Matt Iseman received Cameo requests to break up with their significant other and quit their job for them. While a majority of Cameo requests are used to wish people happy birthday or congratulate a life event, there have been several unique use cases like these as well.

The rep also noted that the request was filled on November 13. Hey Bradyn, at least Cheyenne didn’t send Bam Margera to dump you.

UPDATE November 26, 9:59 a.m. ET: It turns out that the Sugar Ray frontman wasn’t the only bold-faced name to record a breakup message for Braydn—Anthony Scaramucci did as well. “This is one of the toughest Cameos I’ve ever given,” The Mooch admits in his video.

“If you’re having a bad day, just think about me getting my ass shot off at the White House and being blown to pieces in my life, and so to put it in perspective for you,” he added, because getting dumped isn’t all that bad, dude. “And my wife basically threatened for divorce, and it took me a while to repair that as well.”

After all that, turns out the dumpings via Cameo (still better than a Post-it?) were a joke. Twitter user @SeanAppalled made the confession to Rolling Stone: “That video was a video I paid to have made as a joke,” he told the magazine of placing the order for the McGrath clip on November 10, then adding a message from Scaramucci to his purchase on November 12.