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Jimmy Eat World Show Grit on New Album Surviving

Veteran rockers Jimmy Eat World released their tenth studio album, Surviving, on October 18. It includes the previously released “Love Never” and “All the Way (Stay).” The band also released a brand new music video for “555.” The album was produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who worked with the band on their last record, 2016’s Integrity Blues.

“Justin’s great. He has such a wide range of experience and interests,” said frontman Jim Adkins in a recent interview with SPIN. “Some producers you work with because there’s a sound that’s associated with them, but I think with Justin, you really get that he’s helping you with your record. He’s not making his record.”

Thematically, Surviving is true to its title. In our interview, Adkins spoke about the record’s concept in the context of the song “Diamonds.” “It’s really hard for me to celebrate the small victories, but it’s so important because that’s what’s going to give you momentum to take on the bigger problems, the real stuff that you have to uncover and dig at,” he explained. “You don’t get the perseverance to actually take that on without some wins on the smaller level. It’s important because that’s all we have, really.”

The band are currently on the road in support of the album, with support from Pronoun; they’ll be touring the U.S. throughout the month of November. Find the full list of upcoming dates here, and revisit our interview, “Jimmy Eat World: How Rage Against the Machine and Van Halen Inspired Their New Album.”