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Coldplay Channel Fred Astaire in “Orphans” Video

Coldplay released a music video for their new single “Orphans” on October 25. It’s the first music video attached to their upcoming double album, Everyday Life, which they’re claiming will be more “experimental” than usual.

In the “Orphans” video, frontman Chris Martin and the gang are bouncing off the walls (in an apparent homage to Fred Astaire’s ceiling dance) and jamming on a beach. The video also has a sort of meta bent to it, in that pitch emails for the video concept float around on screen.

“Orphans” was released jointly with a song called “Arabesque“–both sounding as if they could belong in a Pixar film–as the first single from Everyday Life on October 24. The tunes were produced by The Dream Team, and the latter song features guest appearances from Femi Kuti and Stromae.

The band have been slowly teasing details about their new album via advertisements in local papers, cryptic posters and billboards around the world, as well as good old-fashioned snail mail. The full record is out on November 22 via Parlophone / Atlantic. They’re also releasing a limited edition gold vinyl version through Third Man Records.

Everyday Life marks the band’s first new studio album since 2015’s A Head Full of Dreams, though they released Live In Buenos Aires last year.