Weezer Made Dave Grohl Cry With Their Cover of Nirvana’s “Lithium”

Weezer performing

Weezer covered Nirvana‘s hit “Lithium” at Rock in Rio on Saturday, September 28, and Dave Grohl was apparently into it.

It’s not the first time they’ve covered the track off Nevermind, but the Rock in Rio lineup had Foo Fighters playing right after Weezer, which made this particular performance feel a little more like an explicit tribute. “We’re going to cover a song from Dave Grohl’s old band to tide you over until the main course in a few minutes,” Rivers Cuomo told the crowd before launching into the Nirvana tune.

Grohl later shared his appreciation. “I was backstage and I heard Weezer play the ‘Lithium’ song and I’ve got to be honest, I cried a little bit. I did! I was like [mimics crying]. I miss playing that song,” he told the crowd before dedicating “Big Me” to the band. “So this one goes out to the sweet Weezer.”

He also hinted that a new Foo Fighters album is on its way: “We go home next week and we start making a new Foo Fighters record. It’s good, it’s good.”

Foo Fighters’ last full-length album was 2017’s Concrete and Gold. In anticipation of their debut album’s 25th anniversary next year, they’ve been releasing a series of numbered EPs with rarities, B-sides, and live tracks; their latest, 01070725, included a cover of Arcade Fire‘s “Keep the Car Running.”



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