Watch the New Trailer for HBO’s Watchmen Series

HBO has released a new trailer for its limited-series adaptation of Alan Moore’s beloved graphic novel Watchmen. Damon Lindelof, creator of The Leftovers, took on the task of directing the reboot and has described the series as the “New Testament” to the original book’s “Old Testament,” set 34 years after Dr. Manhattan skips out to another universe. Robert Redford (played by himself) is president, the internet doesn’t exist, and Rorschach has inspired a cult of masked white supremacist vigilantes.

“The Old Testament was specific to the Eighties of Reagan and Thatcher and Gorbachev… ours needs to resonate with the frequency of Trump and May and Putin and the horse that he rides around on, shirtless,” Lindelof wrote in an open letter about the adaptation.

The trailer teases a besieged police force in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the series is based, and hints at a “vast and insidious conspiracy” underlying the drama. Regina King stars as a police officer with rogue tendencies. Skeptics with memory of Watchmem‘s film adaptation may be surprised to learn that the series looks like it might be pretty good. It debuts October 2 on HBO.

Watch the trailer below.


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