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Liam Gallagher Recalls Using His Brother As a ‘Poofy Cushion’ in As It Was Deleted Scene

Liam Gallagher‘s As It Was documentary dives deep into the Oasis singer’s life, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. In a more lighthearted deleted scene shared exclusively with Billboard, the frontman and his mother recall how Liam would torment his older brother, Paul.

Knowing all three of them, growing up together must have been a mad house,” the interviewer tells the Gallaghers’ mother, Peggy, in the family’s living room. Peggy quickly replies, “It was, I’ve seen Liam here want to throw one of these chairs out the window.”

“He never left Paul alone,” she continued. This comment seemed to have sparked some childhood frustration in Liam, who hilariously began to vent: “I’d be sitting here. Paul would come in here, there’s the fireplace, he’d come in from work and he’d lie there and take up all the f—ing heat.”

“He was the only one that was working,” his mother reminded him. “I don’t give a s—!” Liam replied, before revealing that as a compromise, he would use his laying brother as a “poofy cushion” to prop his feet up on.

Paul then gets a chance to give his side of the story, remembering a time working “outside in rain, 10-12 hours, freezing cold and you need the heat now.” He then shuts down Liam’s “poofy cushion” story, saying that his legs would have needed to be “seven foot six” to be able to reach.

Check out the scene above, and catch As It Was, directed by Gavin Fitzgerald and Charlie Lightening, on digital HD today.

This story originally appeared on Billboard.