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Watch Eric Andre Accost Freddie Gibbs in New Video for “Half Manne Half Cocaine”

With their new music video for “Half Manne Half Cocaine,” Freddie Gibbs and Madlib complete a trilogy of sorts. The story began in the video for “Crime Pays,” with Freddie seemingly retired from the drug game, fishing, riding horses, and lounging around on a ranch; in the “Giannis” video, he jet-skied back into dangerous waters, and was betrayed by a former business partner—the video ended with Freddie being strangled and left to drown.

Now, with “Half Manne Half Cocaine,” Freddie is woken from a ten-year coma by none other than Eric Andre, who sends him off on a quest for revenge a la Kill Bill. Andre also informs Freddie that Donald Trump Jr. is president, and that all the hospital’s nurses “got dicks where their titties used to be.”

Since the release of Bandana, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib have played shows at Boiler Room (London), Made in America Festival (Philly), and Moma PS1 (as part of their Warm Up summer concert series). They’re doing a short run of European shows later this year, which will take them from Paris to Amsterdam to Berlin. Revisit our review of Bandana here, and check out the new music video for “Half Manne Half Cocaine” below.