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Foo Fighters Cover Arcade Fire on Surprise New EP 01070725

Foo Fighters released a surprise EP called 01070725 on September 27. It’s the latest in a line of recent memorably-titled EPs that began with 00950025 back in July. Since then, they’ve released 00111125 – Live in London00070725 Live at Studio 606, and 00050525, timed for last week’s ill-fated “Area 51 raid.” The new EPs are tied to the upcoming 25th anniversary of the band’s eponymous debut album, which is still a good nine months away.

Of the newest EP’s five songs, two are covers: “Keep the Car Running – Live at BBC Radio 1’s Six Weeks of Summer” (Arcade Fire), and “Holiday In Cambodia – Live from the 2007 MTV Music Awards” (Dead Kennedys). “If Ever” was originally released as a B-side for “The Pretender,” from the band’s 2007 album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace; the EP also includes a demo version of “Come Alive,” from that same album, and “Seda,” a bonus track.

The Foo Fighters’ latest full-length studio album was 2017’s Concrete and Gold. Back in August, Taylor Hawkins hinted that they’re looking to put out a new record next year.

Until the next batch of music makes its arrival, check out 01070725 below.


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