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Björk Is Re-Releasing Vulnicura As a VR Experience

Björk‘s 2015 album Vulnicura is being released again—as a VR experience. At the time of the album’s release, Björk experimented with VR in her videos for the album, including “Notget,”  “Family,” “Stonemilker” and “Black Lake.” These videos were included as part of the Björk Digital exhibition which premiered in 2016 and toured for two years. Now, the full collection of videos is being widely released as a package on September 6 (Friday).

In a statement cited by Pitchfork, Björk discussed the long road to the full collection being released, and why she chose to devote so much time and effort to the project, which began with the production of the “Stonemilker” video in 2014. “It is too easy for musicians to turn pessimistic after CDs have evaporated,” she explained. “But I wanted to try to have courage to grow along with how 360 sound and vision tech was growing. With every challenge try to turn it into an additional gift for the ideology in the music.”

Björk, who has traditionally enjoyed releasing live, remixed, and multimedia-enhanced versions of her albums, also released live and strings-only versions of Vulnicura following its release. In August, the singer and songwriter announced a tour for her new stage show Cornucopia, as well as a deluxe box set version of her last album, 2017’s Utopia, featuring a collection of handmade wooden flutes that produce birdcalls. Gotta love Björk.