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Dave Grohl Lets 5-Year-Old Foo Fighters Fan Rock Out on Stage During Show

Dave Grohl Lets 5-Year-Old Dance On Stage at Belfast Foo Fighters Show

The Foo Fighters continued their tradition of making fans’ rock ‘n’ roll dreams come true by inviting a member of the audience to join the band on stage at their set at Vital Festival in Belfast on Monday, August 19. In videos from the show, Dave Grohl beckoned a 5-year-old boy named Taylor to the stage, who proceeded to show off his sick dance moves while the band played “All My Life.”

As you can see from the video above, little Taylor was not shy and tore up the stage with groundbreaking moves that looked like a combination of jogging in place and shadowboxing. All the while, Grohl egged him on, chanting, “Can you show them how to dance?”

Also, shout-out to the little guy’s parents for making sure he was wearing ear protection.

A woman named Nikki Hooper, who appears to be Taylor’s mom, tweeted video of the boy rocking out. According to Hooper, this was the 5-year-old’s first concert.

“Insanely proud of our wee rockstar,” Hooper wrote.

UPDATE 1:13 p.m. ET: It turns out that 5-year-old Taylor was named after Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.