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Bon Iver Release New Album i,i

Bon Iver hosted a set of worldwide listening parties for their new album i,i yesterday, and today they’ve released the whole album early, song by song, one hour at a time, a full 22 days before the planned release on August 30.

Justin Vernon posted the album’s intro “Yi” on the Bon Iver subreddit at 3AM EST, signing off as “JV22.” At 4AM, Bon Iver shared a lyric video for the gorgeous “iMi,” which features assists from the likes of James Blake and Wheezy (he did Young Thug‘s “Dome“). At 5AM, we got a video for “We,” and at 6AM, a video for “Holyfields;” 7AM gave us “Naeem,” and at 8AM the band released “Marion.” Lo and behold, at 9AM, we got “Salem,” which sounds like “Kid A” meets “Holocene.” Sax-forward slow burner “Sh’Diah” (short for “Shittiest Day in American History”) came out at 10AM, and “RABi” at 11AM.

Four songs have already been out as singles (“Hey Ma,” “U (Man Like),” “Faith,” and “Jelmore“) and have been added to an i,i Spotify playlist in the order that they appear on the album. A press release indicates that physical editions are still out on August 30.

Find the announcement posts from Justin Vernon below, along with the album stream (minus “Yi,” which isn’t yet available on Spotify).

This post has been updated to include new songs as they were released.