Trump Got Mad About the “Fuck Trump” World Cup Chant on Fox News

Trump Angry at Fox News for "Fuck Trump" Chant

On Sunday evening, President Trump tweeted an angry screed about unofficial White House PR firm Fox News. According to White House aides speaking to Associated Press, the president’s anger at Fox News was, in part, fueled by his annoyance at the viral “Fuck Trump” chant that broke out in a bar in France while Fox News correspondent Greg Palkot was reporting on the World Cup Championship.

Let’s take a moment and relive that perfect moment of live television:

Although it’s clearly not Palkot’s fault that a group of drunk sports fans took advantage of a golden opportunity and told the aspiring authoritarian to fuck off on his own propaganda outlet, two advisers confirmed that the president was “particularly annoyed” at what he likely perceived as a show of disloyalty on the part of Fox News.

While the chant reportedly put Trump in a bad mood, Matthew Gertz of watchdog group Media Matters posited that two Fox News segments on Trump’s migrant detention centers which cited the New York Times‘ reporting on their inhumane conditions likely put him over the edge.

Two days later, Trump seems to have made nice with the network he essentially controls tweeting praise for Fox & Friends.


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