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Watch Stephen Colbert and The Mountain Goats Perform “This Year”

The Mountain Goats were the musical guests on last night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and in addition to doing a song from their new album In League With Dragons, they decided to perform an old favorite.

“This next song is not on that album,” said Stephen Colbert in his introductory remarks. After a bit of laughter from the audience, he clarified: “It’s a great album, but this next song is not on that album. Because I asked them to play this song for me, because it’s one of my favorite songs of theirs.”

The song, as it turns out, is “This Year“—a highlight from the Mountain Goats’ classic 2005 album  The Sunset Tree—which deals with teen malaise in Claremont, CA. Colbert cemented his fandom by joining frontman John Darnielle for the first chorus, and turning the rest of the song into a duet of sorts. He’s clearly very excited to be there, frantically jumping around the stage and doing a decent impression of Darnielle’s characteristically nasal vocal delivery.

Posting a link to the performance on Twitter, The Mountain Goats wrote that this isn’t their first time rocking out with Colbert: “10 years ago we did this song with Stephen on Comedy Central but it never aired. Tonight we did it again.”

Watch the Mountain Goats do “This Year” and “Sicilian Crest” below, and skip to 1:25 in the first video below to see Colbert doing his thing.