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Jack White Can’t Say Whether He Wrote a Song With Bob Dylan

Jack White may or may not be sitting on music written with Bob Dylan, according to a new Rolling Stone interview. White would like to say one way or the other, but alas, unseen forces prevent him from doing so. “I cannot tell you that,” White said. “I wish I could tell you, but I cannot.”

A collaboration wouldn’t be totally surprising. Jack and Dylan are buddies who have been known to hang out on occasion. White’s band the Raconteurs, who released their new album Help Us Stranger last month, toured with Dylan in 2006, and White himself has performed with Dylan several times. Dylan also contributed to an album of songs based on unrecorded Hank Williams lyrics that White’s record label Third Man released in 2011.

The secrecy is interesting, though. Is an embargoed joint release on the horizon? Is White simply protecting his pal’s privacy? Is Dylan embarrassed about their sessions, which may or may not exist? If White told us, would he have to kill us?

The rest of the interview, which you can read here, does not provide any answers, but White does discuss the Raconteurs’ reunion, his respect for the Black Keys, and the songwriting of Twenty One Pilots.