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Steve Aoki and Darren Criss Made Their Own Version of Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash Into Me” For Some Reason

Steve Aoki is a man of many disciplines. He’s a popular DJ, performing at recent festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival. He’s an entrepreneur, helping create video games to grace the ruddied floors of your favorite Vegas casinos. Heck, he’s even followed in father‘s footsteps, launching a pizza delivery service only available through UberEats and Postmates. Now, the illustrious EDM polyglot has surpassed even his most hubristic achievements to once again do the unthinkable: release an EDM “cover” of Dave Mathews Band‘s 1996 hit “Crash Into Me” with Darren Criss.

Yes, you can now hear a new rendition of your favorite Lady Bird nostalgia number, finally ready for the festival circuit. The track may also strike you as being perfect for the gym, which is exactly where the song was unveiled Thursday night at Barry’s Bootcamp in Hollywood. “What a crazy culture we live in where we now have workout drops,” Criss told Billboard after the listening event.

Crazy might be one way to describe it. The cover builds around Criss’ stomping acoustic guitar and pristine vocals before opening up the pit with a wriggling EDM bassline in the hook.

“I’m just thrilled that Steve was as psyched about doing it as I was,” Criss later added. “Because before I had any access to Steve whatsoever, I was always like, ‘Man how the fuck would I pull this off?'” Some questions are unanswerable.