Bernie Sanders’ Sharpest Retorts During the Democratic Presidential Debate Round 2

Bernie Sanders came out swinging during the opening night of round two of the Democratic debates on July 30. The presidential hopeful had a lot to say about his Medicare for All bill, and as other candidates muddied the water with vague statements and bizarre healthcare reform ideas of their own, Sanders stuck to his guns, delivering a series of strong rebuttals in the heat of the moment.

In one instance, Sen. Tim Ryan accused him of not having enough specifics about what his health care plan would cover. To that, Sanders responded: “I do know, I wrote the damn bill!”

Sanders also shut down Sen. John Delaney. Earlier in the night, CNN moderator Jake Tapper asked Sanders how he’d respond to Delaney’s claim that Medicare for All was “political suicide” that will ensure Donald Trump’s reelection. Sanders quickly retorted, “You’re wrong,” before going on to outline the “dysfunction” of our current system.

In another retort, Sanders accused accused Delaney—a former banker and co-founder of commercial lender CapitalSource—of profiting off the current healthcare system. “Maybe you did that and made money off healthcare, but our job is to run a nonprofit healthcare system,” Sanders quipped.

The Vermont senator also had some choice words for Tapper. Singling the moderator out after Tapper asked Warren whether Medicare for All would raise taxes for the middle class, Sanders said, “Jake, your question is a Republican talking point at the end of the day.” Sanders also pointed out that the healthcare industry would be running advertisements on CNN during the debate.

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