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18 Hours of Unreleased Material From Radiohead’s OK Computer Sessions Leaks Online

There were rumblings yesterday on the Radiohead subreddit that someone was threatening to leak 18 hours of unreleased material from the band’s OK Computer sessions, recorded by Thom Yorke himself across 18 minidiscs. One post claimed that the leaker was demanding “upwards of $150,000 for the entire set.”

Now, with no ransom money produced, the entire 18-hour trove of OK Computer-era demos and snippets has been leaked. Mirrored previews were uploaded to YouTube and quickly removed, and detailed tracklists have been cobbled together for all 18 minidiscs. Much of the non-album material (old favorites like “Lift” and “I Promise”) was released in an official capacity as part of the 20th anniversary Ok Computer reissue, OKNOTOK, back in 2017. But the leaked material includes previously unreleased live-only tracks, too, as well as short riffs and ambient snippets that never evolved into full songs.

There are even a few versions of the elusive “True Love Waits,” which was first released as a live cut on 2001’s I Might Be Wrong and was given a piano-forward rework in its official studio version on 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool. The entire 18-hour leak is out there, somewhere; take a look at the full reddit thread addressing the leak here.