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Here’s Michelle Obama Hitting Harry Styles in the Balls on Corden

James Corden, baby! Cord! Dad! Jimmy C with the wacky celebrity collaborations and unlikely comic scenarios! On The Late Late Show last night, the London-born host debated Michelle Obama about the merits of his home country (the United Kingdom) and the United States. This, of course, resulted in a decision to pit British and American celebrities against one another in a dodgeball game, which it seems like they actually played.

The premise may seem thin, but Corden being Corden, he managed to roll out a true all-star crew for the bit. His UK cadre featured Benedict Cumberbatch, John “Samwell Tarly” Bradley, Reggie Watts, and Harry Styles. The former First Lady’s assemblage consisted of movie and TV stars Melissa McCarthy, Kate Hudson, Mila Kunis, Allison Janney, and Lena Waithe.

The real reason to watch this overlong sketch, as Stereogum points out, is to see Michelle Obama legitimately nail Harry Styles in the balls with a dodgeball. The former First Lady chucks it, Styles jumps to avoid it, but doesn’t. That occurs, to dramatic effect, at 6:48. Cord, you did it, baby: another viral moment.

Harry Styles’ debut solo album, Harry Styles, was released in 2017. Last year, he caught a gummy bear in his mouth after a fan threw it on stage. Now, you can watch him get hit in the balls by an Obama. The video is below.