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A Very Brief Investigation Into Whether Eric André is BLARF

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 22: Eric Andre visits 'Sway in the Morning' on SHADE 45 at SiriusXM Studios on January 22, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Los Angeles record label Stones Throw announced a new album yesterday from a band named BLARF. “Announcing BLARF (AKA ?) album on June 26,” the label “mysteriously” wrote on Instagram. Shortly after, Spin received a publicist’s email about BLARF that included the note, “As Eric Andre pointed out, a number of people have drawn parallels between himself and Blarf,” and linked to a tweet in which Eric André writes, “People are confusing this guy BLARF on @stonesthrow for me! Let’s go to his show and see what the fuck is going on here!”

Several music publications have covered BLARF’s announcement by mentioning that Eric André is rumored to be, but denies being, BLARF. When asked by Pitchfork whether BLARF is Eric André, BLARF reportedly replied, “Who the fuck is that?” Amid all this apparent misinformation and innuendo, I googled the words “Eric André BLARF.” The second search result is the Bandcamp page for a 2014 album by Eric André and the Toronto industrial band The First Seed; the album is titled Eric Andre & The First Seed : BLARF. It is also very easy to find a 2012 Eric André interview with LA Weekly that begins, “Shortly after Eric Andre enrolled at the Berklee School of Music, he formed the band Blarf.”

Do with this information what you will.

Announcing BLARF (AKA ?) album on June 26, and live show extravaganza at the Lodge Room, Los Angeles, July 6 🍔

817 Likes, 24 Comments – Stones Throw (@stonesthrow) on Instagram: “Announcing BLARF (AKA ?) album on June 26, and live show extravaganza at the Lodge Room, Los…”