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Boiler Room Announces Four-Day Festival in London

Famed dance music promoters and videographers Boiler Room have announced a new festival coming to London this October. Spanning four days in the city’s Copeland Park, Boiler Room Festival promises to feature a variety of genres, dedicating each of its four nights to a specific musical style.

As Resident Advisor points out, the festival’s first night will focus on jazz, with nights dedicated to rap, bass (jungle, dubstep, UK garage, and dancehall), and club music (house and techno) to follow. Though its lineup hasn’t yet been announced, the festival says it’s avoiding the hierarchies of other events by opting not to have headliners.

“With our first-ever Boiler Room Festival we wanted to represent some of the most exciting moments and underground scenes in the UK right now,” Boiler Room CEO Blaise Bellville shared in a press release. “Partnering with the emerging DJs, artists and collectives who are shaping contemporary club culture, and giving them the biggest stage we can.”

The festival hopes draw around 20,000 people to the South London park, and like a lot of their video work, the entire event will be broadcast live online. Boiler Room Festival kicks off on Wednesday, October 9, coming to a close on Saturday, October 12. For more details about the event, visit Boiler Room’s website.