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What Is Happening in DaBaby’s “Pony” Video?

If you haven’t joined the DaBaby train, please direct your attention to the rising North Carolina rapper’s new music video for “Pony” from his very good major label debut Baby on Baby. The song’s beat is built around handpicked guitar and castanets, so DaBaby uses the opportunity to pay tribute to, um, Scarface. His wig is definitely a Tony Montana wig, at least. DaBaby’s accent, delivered during an opening skit in which he dunks a dismembered head into a trash can, is more like Tony if you’ve only ever heard your friends portray Tony. The skit features subtitles even though DaBaby is speaking in English. There’s also a mariachi troupe, a Donald Trump piñata, multiple miniature alligators, and the requisite pony. It’s a thoroughly confusing and amazing homage, directed by Reel Goats, the same team behind the rapper’s breakout western-themed video for “Walker Texas Ranger.”

DaBaby’s acting chops are also on display in his recent videos for “Suge (Yea Yea)” and “Goin Baby.” You can read our review of his album here. Watch his “Pony” video below.