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Video: Björk – “Tabula Rasa”

Bjork Releases "Tabula Rasa" Video

This week, Björk is launching her new stage show Cornucopia in New York City, which primarily incorporates songs from her most recent album, 2017’s Utopia. Today, she’s released a music video for “Tabula Rasa” from that album, filled with wild visuals that look like creepy crustaceans and aliens come to life.

It was directed by Tobias Gremmler, who had this to say about his concept: “When creating the video, I was deeply inspired by the music and lyrics of Tabula Rasa. The visual transformation of Björk into faun-like flowers and mountainous landscapes embodies the utopian concept of a harmonious coexistence between nature and human based on empathy.”

Watch below.

Utopia is out now via One Little Indian, and Cornucopia performances are running through the end of the month.

This story originally appeared on Stereogum.