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The Lonely Island Release Bash Brothers Album and Netflix Special

Yesterday afternoon, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, known collectively as The Lonely Island, announced a surprise Netflix special out of the blue. The special, called The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, was made available to stream at midnight, and comes along with a companion album of the same name.

The concept is as wild as you might expect from the guys who brought you such gems as “We Like Sportz,” “Jack Sparrow,” and “Lazy Sunday;” Samberg and Schaffer star as disgraced baseball players Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire, who, at the height of their juiced-up careers, record a bunch of music videos with titles like “Bikini Babe Workout” and “Let’s Bash.” There are two separate tracks called “Focused AF” and “Focus on the Game,” and two more called “IHOP” and “IHOP Parking Lot.” Love it.

Sia contributes guest vocals to a track called “Oakland Nights,” and HAIM and Maya Rudolph show up on “IHOP Parking Lot.” You’ll need a Netflix subscription to watch the whole special, but The Lonely Island have also released two standalone music videos on YouTube for “Uniform On” and “Oakland Nights” (ft. Sia), the latter of which stars Sterling K. Brown as Sia. Check out the full album below.