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André 3000 Refused to Hug Moby

Moby has received a lot of attention this week for various romantic pursuits that he claims happened in his new memoir Then It Fell Apart, such as the time Lana Del Rey called him a guillotine-worthy WASP and the time he allegedly kissed Natalie Portman at Harvard. (Portman has described their interactions as a “much older man being creepy with me when I just had graduated high school.”) It’s worth noting, though, that Moby’s book includes non-romantic stories that make him look dumb, too.

Pitchfork today excerpts one such tale, which details a time when André 3000 awkwardly dodged Moby’s physical embrace and declined an offer to collaborate:

At one point in the book, Moby recounts an instance during the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards where he approached André 3000, a former tourmate, and tried to hug him, after which André “quickly stepped backward.” Moby then says he asked the OutKast member if he’d be interested in collaborating on new music together, to which André allegedly replied, “Moby, you know I like you, but just too many people are hating on you right now.“

I hope Moby eventually learned to start asking permission before touching people.