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Mark Kozelek & Petra Haden – “The Power of Love” (Huey Lewis and the News Cover)

Mark Kozelek is known more for rambling, diaristic accounts of tragedy and death than for covering pop music. And his recent records as Sun Kil Moon (I Also Want to Die in New Orleans, This Is My Dinner) have leaned pretty hard on the Kozelek formula, self-mythologizing to the point of absurdity (see “The Mark Kozelek Museum”). Today, though, Kozelek is switching things up with a new duet—a cover of Huey Lewis & The News’ “The Power of Love,” with singer and violinist Petra Haden, which marks the welcome return of Kozelek’s softer side.

The cover is taken from Kozelek and Haden’s upcoming collaborative album Joey Always Smiled, which will also feature six original tracks. In addition to putting out This Is My Dinner in 2018, Kozelek released a solo album titled simply Mark Kozelek. Just a few months ago, he shared I Also Want to Die in New Orleans, nodding to Suicideboys’ I Want to Die in New Orleans. Kozelek and Haden’s new album is out on October 11 via Caldo Verde Records; find the tracklist for Joey Always Smiled and hear the duo’s cover of Huey Lewis & The News’ “The Power of Love” below.

Joey Always Smiled:

01. “Parakeet Prison”
02. “Joey Always Smiled”
03. “Rest In Peace R Lee Ermey”
04. “Nice People All Around”
05. “1983 Era MTV Music Is The Soundtrack To Outcasts Being Bullied By Jocks”
06. “Spanish Hotels Are Echoey”
07. “The Power Of Love”