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Mac DeMarco – “On the Square”

Mac DeMarco has released “On the Square,” a new single from his upcoming album Here Comes the Cowboy, along with an accompanying video. Directed by William Sipos and Sean Campos, the video is outlandish even for DeMarco’s typically bizarre sensibilities. It features a strange stage performance, a birdbath full of milk that forms a hallucinatory portal, and a host of uncanny, flesh-colored animal masks. Musician Tommy Midnight co-stars. The song, meanwhile, is smooth, restrained, and wry pop—that is to say, perfectly in line with the other singles from the record and DeMarco’s other recent music.

DeMarco previously released the singles “Nobody” and “All Of Our Yesterdays” from the album. Here Comes the Cowboy is due out this Friday (May 10). DeMarco appeared on Jimmy Fallon last week, and bonus footage of the singer-songwriter’s backstage cover of Feist’s “One Evening” was posted online this weekend. Watch the video for “On the Square” below.



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