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Kurt Cobain’s Sweater From In Utero Photoshoot Goes for $75,000 at Auction

A sweater worn by Kurt Cobain during the last photoshoot before his death went for $75,000 at auction. As Rolling Stone points out, the cardigan was worn by the songwriter in a photoshoot for Nirvana’s last album, 1993’s In Utero, which was released just months before Cobain’s death in April 1994.

Promotional photos of Cobain in the sweater were taken by photographer Jesse Frohman, and were subsequently included in his 2014 photobook Kurt Cobain: The Last Session. Saturday’s auction was hosted by Julien’s Auctions, who note that Cobain was sick during the time of the New York photoshoot.

“The shoot was meant to take place in Central Park in New York City, but due to Cobain being sick just hours before, the shoot was relocated to the basement of the hotel where the band was staying,” the description reads. “Cobain showed up three hours late to the shoot and immediately asked for a bucket due to his nausea.”

The sweater later made an appearance at Cobain’s funeral, where Courtney Love gave it to “an acquaintance,” according to Julien’s Auctions. It remains unclear whether this acquaintance was connected to Saturday’s auction, or whether the sweater has changed owners since the aftermath of Cobain’s death.

Earlier this year, the hospital gown worn by Kurt Cobain during his 1992 performance at Reading Festival went up for auction. The band also sued Marc Jacobs for the company’s use of their iconic smiley face design.