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Fox & Friends Has the Predictable Reaction to Mayor Pete Criticizing Network During Fox News Town Hall

Mayor Pete's Fox News Town Hall Triggers 'Fox & Friends' Hosts

When Democratic presidential candidate and noted Dave Matthews Band fan Pete Buttigieg appeared at a Fox News town hall in New Hampshire Sunday night, he called out Fox News primetime opinion hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham for laundering white nationalist talking points during their broadcasts. His criticism, naturally, did not go over well with the three nodding bobbleheads who host the president’s favorite morning show, Fox & Friends.

While breaking down the criticism he received from fellow Democrats for going on Fox News, especially in the wake of Democratic candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s full-throated rebuke of the network, Mayor Pete said: “I get where that’s coming from especially when you see what goes on with some opinion hosts on this network. I mean when you’ve got Tucker Carlson saying that immigrants make America dirty. When you’ve got Laura Ingraham comparing detention centers with children in cages to summer camps.”

Mayor Pete paused before repeating “summer camps,” and then added: “There is a reason why anybody has to swallow hard and think twice before participating in this media ecosystem.”

Fox & Friends‘s Brian Kilmeade was especially worked up by the comments.

“Don’t hop on our channel and continue to put down the other hosts on the channel, or the channel,” he said Monday morning. “If you feel that negative about it, don’t come.”

Kilmeade added that Buttigieg showed” absolutely no courage” for trashing Fox News opinion hosts without appearing on their programs, as if Kilmeade’s colleague Shep Smith doesn’t drag the opinion hosts regularly while receiving a paycheck from the network.

The Fox & Friends hosts were also so aghast at the standing ovation Mayor Pete earned at the end of the town hall that Kilmeade accused him of filling the crowd with ringers.

“I think he’s related to the whole audience,” an emotional Kilmeade said.

Perhaps the Fox & Friends hosts were once again carrying water for their most important viewer, who was noticeably shook by the warm reception Buttigieg received on his favorite network